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50 stock photography companies are already THP Agents and 16 more will soon join the THP community as they have chosen the THP Photo Services as the solution to deliver their images to their end-users.

You will find here the testimonials of some of them explaining how the THP has helped them to grow their business in the stock photography industry:

Stefan Wittwer, director of Prisma and XL, Switzerland:

"Prisma is working with age fotostock's technology for more than 10 years. From this pre-THP area until now the quality and strategy of age couldn't have been better. From a quite simple browsing tool in the past to a fully eComm solution, THP covers today all our needs to be competitive and it is not thinkable for me to use any other application. Excellent support, no language barriers, a great IT department that constantly advances the programs and at last but not least very nice people behind the project, that's THP."

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