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About us

Alfonso GutiƩrrez, Managing Director at age fotostock:

"The THP today is the logical result of a business model that was founded with the philosophy of thinking globally, and acting locally. The THP community interacts in many different parts of the globe, from Korea to Sweden, allowing participating agents and providers to offer millions of images and video clips, including their own, at very affordable prices. This minimizes the impact that large companies may generate in their territories by allowing the small ones to

offer comparable amounts of images, so the key to gaining clients consists of basic marketing expertise, not mere content quantity."

THP Photo Services
THP Photo Services, a division of age fotostock, helps businesses to compete globally in the stock photography industry in their countries. The system blends the knowledge and expertise of 37 years in which age fotostock has been in the market, with technologically advanced tools for doing business.

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